Made to Order

Tailor Made Garments, Unique to your Business

Tailor Made
Bespoke to your needs
Longer Lead Times
6 - 8 weeks
Bulk Ordering
MOQ starting at 100 units

Our unique offering

We offer a large range of 100% customisable products. We have the ability to completely customise your product from the details in fabric composition, right down to the label and packaging design.

This service is suited to those who are looking for more than 80 - 100 Units of a particluar style and want the ability to completely tailor it to their business or organsiations needs.

Customised Process

Client Portfolio

We have connections with manufactures all over the world and have the ability to create the bespoke offering you are looking for. We work with the companies who are looking for a premium offering who want products unique from everything else out there.

The Customisable Process